Manor Park escorts services like are some of the busiest escorts services in London these days. A lot of this is down to the hard work of agency bosses. The UK Escorts Guide took the opportunity to invite agency owner Paul into our offices for a quick chat about the London escort services in general. How does he perceive the future role of the escorts service industry in London and does he think that it will get busier. Paul has been in the escorts service industry for the last 10 years and he still feels passionate about the business. A lot has changed he says, but the core value still remains the same.

So Paul, what is the core value of Manor Park escorts? The core value is still pleasure, says Paul with a big smile on his face. This is the fundamental value which makes British and UK escorts services so unique. We are not afraid of considering escorting as a pleasure and we should never lose focus of that. In many other countries such as the States, many agency owners have lost focus on this core value and it is all about the dollar bill. What they fail to realize, says Paul, if you get the service and the pleasure right, the dollar bills will roll in.

Paul has recently visited escorts services Stateside to see if he could find any new ideas that he could introduce to Manor Park escorts. He says he likes the idea of duo dating and escorts for couples. The US market is currently raving for bisexual escorts, but Paul says this is probably just a fad. He does have a couple of hot bisexual babes working for him, but it is not his main focus. Instead he tried to find the hottest and sexiest babes.

I speak a lot to the gents who use my services, and I find that most of them are quite lonely and just need sexy companions. Yes, there are some unique services out there, but most of the gents who date Manor Park escorts would just like some hot and friendly companionship. This is really an important core value in the business and I will never move away from this. I know that many divorced gents end up lonely and long for some sexy companionship. If I lose this core value, I will lose my business and disappoint many of the gents who have become friends over the years.

The future for escorts services in my part of town says Paul, is always friendliness. Manor Park girls have always been seen as friendly and I would like to continue to work with friendly girls. I do employ girls from abroad but I tell them they need to learn how to be friendly Manor Park style. A nice smile is much more important than a pair of sexy knickers and I will never drift away from that. If a girl can’t smile, I tell her that the escorting service is not for her.