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All the rejection that I have experienced is what made a relationship with a London escort possible.

  Getting rejected over and over again has made me immune to the fact that it hurts. i have encountered a lot of women most of them are way out if my league. but a lot of the times I still had fun…


I don’t really date that many girls from different agencies – London escorts

  Instead I have a favorite agency, and I date a lot of girls from this one particular agency. Naming them as saying which ones are my favorite would not really be fair, so I am just going to describe them instead. All…


Going out with escorts in Kensington for a number of years

  As a business man, I visit Kensington on business usually. Previously, I have actually not inspired my magnificent intersexual partner as I don’t assume there has been actually a great deal for her listed here in Kensington. Having said that, operating the…


Woman has sex with 18 men in one night – and says it’s the ‘best thing’ for her marriage

A SWINGER revealed what it was like to have sex with 18 men at once. The Aussie woman says her husband is completely fine with her kinky antics.


Set your alarms! This is the best time of day to have sex

A DOCTOR has confirmed the best time you and your other half should have sex to get the most out of it.


My First Love Experience Was the Best Ever

I was not sure that I would ever be as lucky in love as my parents. When I did finally fall in love, it was as sweet as a love song. It was a very positive experience even though it did eventually end.…


National Sex Day: Best sex positions and kinky toys to try today

STOP what you’re doing and celebrate National Sex Day with these kinky moves.


Great fun and companion with Bethnal Green escorts

Don’t sit alone at home on a Friday or Saturday night – visit Bethnal Green escorts services of and their angels of delight. I just recently started to date through this agency and I have so far met some really hot girls.…


Couples go wild for the Jockey sex position as the Epsom Derby returns

THE Jockey is a trendy sex position at the moment. This is very apt, given that the Epsom Derby takes place this weekend.


The Erotic V sex position is the move that couples are LOVING – here’s how to do it

RE-IGNITE the passion in the bedroom with this saucy sex position.