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My First Love Experience Was the Best Ever

I was not sure that I would ever be as lucky in love as my parents. When I did finally fall in love, it was as sweet as a love song. It was a very positive experience even though it did eventually end.…


National Sex Day: Best sex positions and kinky toys to try today

STOP what you’re doing and celebrate National Sex Day with these kinky moves.


Great fun and companion with Bethnal Green escorts

Don’t sit alone at home on a Friday or Saturday night – visit Bethnal Green escorts services of and their angels of delight. I just recently started to date through this agency and I have so far met some really hot girls.…


Couples go wild for the Jockey sex position as the Epsom Derby returns

THE Jockey is a trendy sex position at the moment. This is very apt, given that the Epsom Derby takes place this weekend.


The Erotic V sex position is the move that couples are LOVING – here’s how to do it

RE-IGNITE the passion in the bedroom with this saucy sex position.


Winter really is coming! Game of Thrones series finale sex position will send couples WILD

TO CELEBRATE the Game of Thrones season finale this weekend, Daily Star Online reveals the hottest sex position to try.


National masturbation month: ‘Room with a View’ move will take your orgasm to new heights

IF YOU feel like enjoying a little bit of solo fun, why not try this move?


BDSM masters reveal five ways to get kinky in the bedroom

SEXPERTS revealed how couples should approach BDSM for the first time. The gurus had 5 tips for those hoping to unleash their dominatrixes and submissives.


Most of the guys that I meet think it is easy to get into bed with sexy girls like London escorts.

As a matter of fact, I don’t very often tell guys that I work for London escorts. The problem is that many guys in London think that dating, or going to bed with sexy London escorts, is a right of passage. That is…


Game of Thrones sex position will drive couples WILD this weekend

ARE you a Game of Thrones fan? Here’s the perfect sex position to keep you going during an episode.